ParM  parm
A molecular dynamics library
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CArray< T, N >A fixed size array
 CAtomThe basic class for representing each particle
 CAtomGroupGroup of atoms, such as all of them (AtomVec), or a smaller group such as a molecule, sidebranch, etc
 CAtomIterFor iterating through an AtomGroup
 CAtomRefA pointer to an Atom
 CBivariateGaussA class for generating two random numbers from a Gaussian distribution, with a given correlation
 CBoxThe virtual interface for the shape of the space and its boundaries
 CGridA fast algorithm for finding all pairs of neighboring atoms
 CGridIteratorFor iterating over all possible pairs
 CGridPairedIteratorFor iterating over all pairs of a single Atom
 CInteractionThe basic Interaction class, used to represent a potential function
 CJammingTreeA class for determining if two packings are the same
 CLennardJonesCutPairTruncated and shifted Lennard-Jones, in the form \(V(r) = \epsilon \left(\frac{\sigma^6}{r^6} - 1\right)^2\)
 CLJRepulsePairRepulsive LJ: \(V(r) = \epsilon \left(\frac{\sigma^6}{r^6} - 1\right)^2\)
 CNVector< T, N >An N-dimensional vector, extending addition and subtraction from the type T to the NVector class
 CNVector< C, N >
 CNVector< Vector3< C >, 3 >
 CPairListA mapping of Atom -> [list of Atom], used by NeighborList to keep track of what atoms are near what other atoms
 CRepulsionPairRepulsion potential, with ε = √(ε₁ ε₂) and σ = (σ₁ + σ₂)/2 Potential is V(r) = ε/n (1 - r/σ)^n, with n = 5/2 usually cutoff at r = σ
 CStateTrackerThe general interface for a "tracker", a class that needs to be called every timestep