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FixedSpring Class Reference

#include <interaction.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 FixedSpring (vector< FixedSpringAtom > atoms=vector< FixedSpringAtom >())
void add (FixedSpringAtom a)
void add (AtomID a, Vec loc, flt k, bool usex=true, bool usey=true, bool usez=true)
uint size () const
flt energy (Box &box)
 Potential energy due to this Interaction. More...
void set_forces (Box &box)
flt pressure (Box &box)
 Partial pressure due to this Interaction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Interaction
virtual flt set_forces_get_pressure (Box &box)
 Set forces (Atom.f) and return \(P = \sum_{\left<i,j \right>} \vec r_{ij} \cdot \vec F_{ij}\) at the same time (see pressure()). More...
virtual Matrix stress (Box &box)
 The force-moment tensor for the current simulation: More...
virtual ~Interaction ()

Protected Attributes

vector< FixedSpringAtomatoms

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FixedSpring::FixedSpring ( vector< FixedSpringAtom atoms = vector<FixedSpringAtom>())

Member Function Documentation

void FixedSpring::add ( FixedSpringAtom  a)
void FixedSpring::add ( AtomID  a,
Vec  loc,
flt  k,
bool  usex = true,
bool  usey = true,
bool  usez = true 
flt FixedSpring::energy ( Box box)

Potential energy due to this Interaction.

Implements Interaction.

flt FixedSpring::pressure ( Box box)

Partial pressure due to this Interaction.

\(P = \sum_{\left<i,j \right>} \vec r_{ij} \cdot \vec F_{ij}\), or equivalently \(P = \sum_i \vec r_i \cdot \vec F_i\)

Note that the full pressure involves all interactions and temperature, and needs to be normalized by \( \frac{1}{dV} \) where \(d\) is the number of dimensions and \(V\) is the volume.

Implements Interaction.

void FixedSpring::set_forces ( Box box)

Implements Interaction.

uint FixedSpring::size ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

vector<FixedSpringAtom> FixedSpring::atoms

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