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SCBox Class Reference

A spheocylinder box, also known as a capsule. More...

#include <box.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SCBox (flt L, flt R)
Vec diff (Vec r1, Vec r2)
 Distance between two points, given boundary conditions. More...
flt V ()
 Volume. Can return NaN. More...
Vec dist (Vec r1)
Vec edge_dist (Vec r1)
bool inside (Vec r1, flt buffer=0.0)
Vec rand_loc (flt min_dist_to_wall=0.0)
flt length ()
flt radius ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Box
virtual ~Box ()

Protected Attributes

flt L
flt R

Detailed Description

A spheocylinder box, also known as a capsule.

Note that this does not keep particles inside the box; use an Interaction like SCBoxed for that.

This class is useful for functions like V(), dist, edge_dist, inside, rand_loc, etc.

The spherocylinder has an axis along the x-axis, centered at origin

L is length of the central axis of the cylinder from 1 sphere center to the other, so L=0 is a sphere.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SCBox::SCBox ( flt  L,
flt  R 

Member Function Documentation

Vec SCBox::diff ( Vec  r1,
Vec  r2 

Distance between two points, given boundary conditions.

This is the main function that Box exists for.

Implements Box.

Vec SCBox::dist ( Vec  r1)
Vec SCBox::edge_dist ( Vec  r1)
bool SCBox::inside ( Vec  r1,
flt  buffer = 0.0 
flt SCBox::length ( )
flt SCBox::radius ( )
Vec SCBox::rand_loc ( flt  min_dist_to_wall = 0.0)
flt SCBox::V ( )

Volume. Can return NaN.

Implements Box.

Member Data Documentation

flt SCBox::L
flt SCBox::R

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