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LoisOhernPair Struct Reference

#include <interaction.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for LoisOhernPair:

Public Member Functions

 LoisOhernPair (LoisOhernAtom a1, LoisOhernAtom a2)
 LoisOhernPair (LoisOhernAtom a1, LoisOhernAtom a2, flt eps, flt sig, flt C, flt l)
flt energy (Box &box)
Vec forces (Box &box)

Public Attributes

flt eps
flt sig
flt C
flt l
flt sigcut
AtomID atom1
AtomID atom2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LoisOhernPair::LoisOhernPair ( LoisOhernAtom  a1,
LoisOhernAtom  a2 
LoisOhernPair::LoisOhernPair ( LoisOhernAtom  a1,
LoisOhernAtom  a2,
flt  eps,
flt  sig,
flt  C,
flt  l 

Member Function Documentation

flt LoisOhernPair::energy ( Box box)
Vec LoisOhernPair::forces ( Box box)

Member Data Documentation

AtomID LoisOhernPair::atom1
AtomID LoisOhernPair::atom2
flt LoisOhernPair::C
flt LoisOhernPair::eps
flt LoisOhernPair::l
flt LoisOhernPair::sig
flt LoisOhernPair::sigcut

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