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Connectivity Class Reference

#include <constraints.hpp>

Public Member Functions

array< bool, NDIMnonzero (Vec diff_vec)
CNodePath make_cycle (CNodePath forward, CNodePath backward)
map< uint, CNodePathcircular_from (CNode node, set< uint > &visited, bool check_all)
 Connectivity (sptr< OriginBox > box)
void add_edge (CNode node1, CNode node2)
void add (Eigen::Matrix< flt, Eigen::Dynamic, NDIM > locs, vector< flt > diameters)
map< uint, CNodePathfind_percolation (bool check_all_dims=true)

Public Attributes

sptr< OriginBoxbox
set< CNodenodes
map< int, vector< CNode > > neighbors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Connectivity::Connectivity ( sptr< OriginBox box)

Member Function Documentation

void Connectivity::add ( Eigen::Matrix< flt, Eigen::Dynamic, NDIM locs,
vector< flt diameters 
void Connectivity::add_edge ( CNode  node1,
CNode  node2 
map< uint, CNodePath > Connectivity::circular_from ( CNode  node,
set< uint > &  visited,
bool  check_all 
map< uint, CNodePath > Connectivity::find_percolation ( bool  check_all_dims = true)
CNodePath Connectivity::make_cycle ( CNodePath  forward,
CNodePath  backward 
array< bool, NDIM > Connectivity::nonzero ( Vec  diff_vec)

Member Data Documentation

sptr<OriginBox> Connectivity::box
map<int, vector<CNode> > Connectivity::neighbors
set<CNode> Connectivity::nodes

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