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A molecular dynamics library
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box.hpp File Reference
#include "vecrand.hpp"
#include <vector>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>

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class  Box
 The virtual interface for the shape of the space and its boundaries. More...
class  InfiniteBox
 An infinite Box, for use with, e.g., sticky conglomerations or proteins. More...
class  OriginBox
 A rectilinear Box, with periodic boundary conditions. More...
class  LeesEdwardsBox
 Lees-Edwards boundary conditions, with shear in the x-direction, relative to y. More...
class  SCBox
 A spheocylinder box, also known as a capsule. More...
struct  Atom
 The basic class for representing each particle. More...
class  AtomRef
 A pointer to an Atom. More...
class  AtomID
 A pointer to an Atom, that also knows its own index in an AtomVec. More...
class  IDPair
class  AtomIter
 For iterating through an AtomGroup. More...
class  AtomGroup
 a group of atoms, such as all of them (AtomVec), or a smaller group such as a molecule, sidebranch, etc. More...
class  AtomVec
 The main class for representing particles. More...
class  SubGroup


#define sptr   boost::shared_ptr


typedef const unsigned int cuint


bool to_buffer (vector< Vec * > arr, double *buffer, size_t sizet)
Vec vec_mod (Vec r1, Vec r2)
 The modulus function for Vec. More...

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#define sptr   boost::shared_ptr

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typedef const unsigned int cuint

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bool to_buffer ( vector< Vec * >  arr,
double *  buffer,
size_t  sizet