ParM  parm
A molecular dynamics library
trackers.hpp File Reference
#include "box.hpp"
#include <set>
#include <map>
#include "assert.h"

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class  StateTracker
 The general interface for a "tracker", a class that needs to be called every timestep. More...
class  PairList
 A mapping of Atom -> [list of Atom], used by NeighborList to keep track of what atoms are near what other atoms. More...
class  NeighborList
 Maintains a Verlet list of "neighbors": molecules within a 'skin radius' of each other. More...
class  Grid
 A fast algorithm for finding all pairs of neighboring atoms. More...
class  GridPairedIterator
 For iterating over all pairs of a single Atom. More...
class  GridIterator
 For iterating over all possible pairs. More...